Basic Brainwave Frequencies Explained

Enjoy this refreshing down-to-earth conversatoin between Joe Rogan and Steve Kotler, talking about creativity, life, brain waves, humans, etc

Flow: Optimal state of consciousness when you feel at best and perform at yoru best.

There are also many things that go on when you are “In the zone.”

When you are in “The Zone” there are specific changes that happen to your brain function.

Pre-frontal cortez turns down, you get 5 to 6 neurochemicals that tend to show up and your brain waves drop down to the Alpha Theta borderline.

Basics on brainwaves:

Beta Waves – Normal waking consciousness, fast moving waves. It means we are talking, we are thinking, we are engaged.

Alpha Waves – Alpha is day dreaming mode, rght bwlow beta, when we are going thought thru thought without minor resistance

Theta Waves – Theta is below that, we reach it on REM sleep

They used to think it was just Alpha, now they know it is at the borderline between Alpha and Theta.

We’ve gotten very precise with EEG. The also use FMRI.

The best work is by Charles Limb who did an experiment with Jazz musicians.

Video from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. featuring Steven Kotler.

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