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Every Thanksgiving we get reminded of the importance of being grateful. It shouldn’t be that way though.

Why would you just be grateful one day a year?

This is a 3 minute sample, but you can download the 30 minute FREE Mp3.

Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation

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Welcome to this meditation on gratitude, find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

As you slowly begin to let go of o the outside world, allowing your eyes to close and settling down to enjoy a , this space, this opportunity.. and become aware that it is a gift to you, so accept this gift with gratitude deeper connection with all that is sacred to you. Silently be thankful for this moment.

Tony Robbins talks about Gratitude:

Peek state vs lousy state, energy rich vs energy poor.. what if you swap peek state for “beautiful state”. Any state in high energy will be like love, joy, gratitude, drive, courage, faith, playfulness, fun. Any of those states will be high energy states.

Suffering states will be low energy states: frustration , sadness, anger , resentment, loneliness, boredom

If you swap them, there is something cool that you might see or do.

I made a decision that I am going to live my life every day in a beautiful state. Even if it rains on my parade.

Even if people do things hat are unjust.

Peek state is where everything flows. If you think of the “lousy states” or suffering states.. you can end suffering just by ending the state.

Where am I suffering?

Frustration is suffering. We all get frustrated, or angry. We feel worried or concerned.

What Tony Robbins did to deal with this is create a 90 second rule to himself so he could end “suffering” as it rises.

The only time when you feel stressed or suffer is when you believe a stressful thought.