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FOCUS isochronic audios (Classical Music)

Focus isochronic

Isochronic Classical Music Concentration is something we all need and¬†nowadays it’s becoming a complicated task to achieve. With distractions all around us, distractions on social media, our addiction to our phones and the beloved internet, the whole world seems to be getting A.D.D. Piano Concerto No.17 Length: 7.5 minutes Brain State: Beta Description: Mozart, Piano […]

Beautiful meditation music to go to sleep

Relaxing slep music

Sleep Music Deep relaxation Beautful music to go to sleep with. Get Jason Stephenson’s FREE Meditation MP3 at This track is also available from iTunes: ~ Jason Stephenson’s Sleep Music is ideal relaxing music to help you go to sleep fast & finally enjoy 100% deep sleep. Our music for sleeping is great […]

Basic Brainwave Frequencies Explained

Enjoy this refreshing down-to-earth conversatoin between Joe Rogan and Steve Kotler, talking about creativity, life, brain waves, humans, etc Flow: Optimal state of consciousness when you feel at best and perform at yoru best. There are also many things that go on when you are “In the zone.” When you are in “The Zone” there […]

Breathing Exercises & Relaxation Techniques to Stop Panic Attacks and Stress

Stop Panicking

Psychologists and medical professionals agree that one way to stop your panic attack, stress, general anxiety and all that clutter and negative thoughts that start running through your mind is by using “trigger words”.¬†Watch the video on this article below to learn about these techniques. Also, the most important thing to consider during any of […]

Free Solfeggio Frequencies Isochronic Tones 6 Mp3 Pack

Solfeggio Frequencies . Isochronic Tones

Free Binaural Beat Mp3s Solfeggio Frequencies Isochronic Subscribing to The Unexplainable Store has its benefits.   This week we received the “Ultimate Solfeggio Package” which contains 6 full solfeggio audio Mp3, priced at $52 dollars. Here’s the screenshot:   Frequencies included with this free package: Liberating guilt and fear Undoing siuations and facilitating change Transformmation […]

What do you know about the 528 Hz frequency?

528 HZ

Benefits of Solfeggio frequencies – Binaural beats & isochronic tones

Solfeggio Frequencies

What are the benefits of solfeggio frequencies? Every day more people begin to realize that we are surrounded by vibrations and frequencies. Listening to solfeggio frequencies can have wonderful benefits for your mind and body. Unlock your “mind secrets” and be yourself.