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The Bestsellers for $10 (November 2017 Only)

Brainwave Frequencies

Brainwave Frequencies Thanksgiving Giveaway The best brain frequencies to treat yourself this Thanksgiving. Originally priced at $14, $20 & $24 dlls each… Click Here to get them for only $10 until November 31st, 2017 Download Mp3s ESP/Psychic Binaural Beat A $30 minute binaural beats recording. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) was considered a “magical” phenomena back […]

Six hour sleep music for lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming music

Lucid Dreaming Brain Frequencies Six hour sleep music for lucid dreaming. Using a new set of complex frequency patterns associated to sleep spindles, good sleep and lucid dreaming, this 6-hour music track is embedded with binaural beats and isochronic tones found in the Delta and Theta ranges, which flow in and out, from 0.5Hz to […]

Induce lucid dreams with the Lucid Dreaming Mp3 recording

Lucid dreaming mp3

Lucid Dreaming Brainwave Frequencies Have you been wanting to have lucid dreams but still can’t do it? With the aid of brainwave frequencies, whether “binaural beats” or “isochronic tones”, you can induce lucid dreaming . The lucid dreaming mp3 from the Unexplainable Store is a 45 minute recording that you can download instantly. Listen to […]

Basic Brainwave Frequencies Explained

Enjoy this refreshing down-to-earth conversatoin between Joe Rogan and Steve Kotler, talking about creativity, life, brain waves, humans, etc Flow: Optimal state of consciousness when you feel at best and perform at yoru best. There are also many things that go on when you are “In the zone.” When you are in “The Zone” there […]

Free Solfeggio Frequencies Isochronic Tones 6 Mp3 Pack

Solfeggio Frequencies . Isochronic Tones

Free Binaural Beat Mp3s Solfeggio Frequencies Isochronic Subscribing to The Unexplainable Store has its benefits.   This week we received the “Ultimate Solfeggio Package” which contains 6 full solfeggio audio Mp3, priced at $52 dollars. Here’s the screenshot:   Frequencies included with this free package: Liberating guilt and fear Undoing siuations and facilitating change Transformmation […]